Dare to enter



Visit the abandoned house on BLOSSOM LN or at least what's left of it after the tragic fire. We may never know what caused the terrible accident but we do know that the house's mysterious inhabitants will fight endlessly for what they've claimed as theirs. We invite you to 666 BLOSSOM LN. 

Dark Hour.jpg

 Area 13

You've been granted maximum security clearance to discover the mysterious happenings of the elusive AREA 13. Do you dare explore what has been at the center of so many deaths and supernatural rumors? Follow the unmarked road past the junkyard ..... AREA 13 awaits you.  


    Scare x studios: circus experience

    The House of Horror Ring Master and his Mötley Misfits invite you to enter SCARE X STUDIOS: CIRCUS EXPERIENCE. Let your imagination run wild as you become the star of this interactive experience.