The hurricane of 1926 devastated South Florida. Taking a death toll of over 1,000 people. The most affected was the travelling Griffin & Son’s Carnival Company. The violent winds ripped limbs right off and carnies’ bodies were entangled with the iron of their carnival rides. Mother nature brought death.

Over the 2015 season, the staff at The House of Horror noticed that the carnival rides would inexplicably lose power or gain speed all on their own.  After the recent storms of this summer a sinkhole appeared in the northeast corner of the House of Horror grounds at International Mall exposing what some call the existing of human remains. After careful research it has been discovered that the midway workers of the Griffin & Son’s Carnival Company were all buried right beneath the grounds at House of Horror. The bad weather that killed them is the weather that brought them back.  Accepting our history is what will lead us to the future, the carnies have taken over… Welcome to the House of Horror Haunted Carnival.

Dare to experience and bring to life the legend the Carnies left behind!